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The Summer Solstice 2018 Issue is Out!

This issue we tackle advocacy – for physicians, for their patient, for the community at large, and for the most vulnerable of us all, the children. You’ll find articles on patient education and collaboration, how to start a petition, the latest in healthcare deregulation, and even a piece on marketing your practice to self-funded employers (the highest form of self-advocacy in this volatile market, in our opinion).

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Viewpoint Magazine is a labor of love project from The Verden Group and its associated companies, created to deliver transparent interpretations of health care industry happenings, with the perspective to help support the independence of private practice. ViewPoint – what you need to know, now. Read more »

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Coding Updates for Non Face-to-Face Codes

Summer update 2018 to CPT codes; highlighting two codes for before or after face-to-face encounters.

What Healthcare Deregulation Means for Providers

A closer look at the effects of current healthcare deregulation and what it may hold for the future of the industry, and those it serves.

Advocating for Children Separated From Families at Our Southern Border

By Permission of the American Academy of Pediatrics: A Message to its Membership from AAP President Dr. Colleen Kraft.

How Patient Engagement Is Evolving

A look at the latest (technological) ways to improve your patient engagement in and outside of your practice.

Going Large: What's the Right Model for Your Collaborative Efforts? CIN, MSO, or Super Group

If you are looking to grow through collaboration, you need to understand your options. Dan Frier discusses the differences between integrated 'super groups', clinically integrated networks, and management services organizations.

Clinical Data Integration

Why physicians do not need to jettison their existing EMRs.

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Podcast: ABC Pediatric Clinic, Houston, TX

Susanne spoke with Dr.s Sugol and Silen Pahlavan of ABC Pediatric Clinic in Houston, Texas, to learn about how they handled Hurricane Harvey and what they learned from the experience.

Interview: Michael Lubin, VP, Hint Health

Susanne spoke with Michael Lubin, VP of Hint Health, a 'direct care' company that helps connect physicians directly to patients and employers. No more middleman insurance companies!

Interview: Todd Wolynn, MD

We asked Dr. Todd Wolynn to tell us a bit about how he's innovating at his practice, Kids Plus Pediatrics. By investing in a studio onsite at his practice, this doctor has turned connecting into a lot of fun for everyone.

Videocast: George Rogu, MD, CPE

Susanne Madden sat down with George Rogu, MD, CPE, of RBK Pediatrics in Long Island, NY, to discuss the impact of technology on his busy pediatric practice.

Podcast: Gautam Gulati, MD

Dr. Gulati and Susanne Madden had an opportunity to talk about innovation - its cause (and stagnation) and its application. Even innovating oneself.

Interview: Scott Hodgson

Self described "design addict", Scott Hodgson has been the creative brain behind countless branding, identity, advertising and packaging projects.

Podcast: A Conversation with Christoph Diasio, MD

Susanne Madden spoke with Dr. Christoph Diasio, managing partner of Sandhills Pediatrics (North Carolina) and chair of the AAP section on practice management (SOAPM) about incorporating mental and behavioral health into his pediatric practice.

Female Solo Pediatric Practices of 2016

At The Verden Group, we assist many physicians with starting their new practices. Our favorites are the independent female pediatricians who decide to break out and create practices THEIR way.

Interview: Bonnie Feola, MD

We spoke to Dr. Bonnie Feola about her experiences with buying over an established pediatric practice and how she made it one her own, one step at a time.

Podcast: A Conversation with Brent Cardwell, MD

On the challenges and opportunities inherent in running an independent pediatric practice and a pediatric IPA.

Interview: Brandon Betancourt

We interviewed Brandon Betancourt of Pediatric Inc and Salud Pediatrics about his thoughts on what in means to innovate at the pediatric practice level today.

A Tale of Two Supergroups: Scott Schams, MD

We interviewed two physician CEOs who have worked hard to band practices together to form independent clinically integrated 'Super Groups': Dr. Scott Schams of Allied Pediatricians of Texas and Dr. Jill Stoller of BCD Health Partners.